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Weekend Warrior Retreat

June 8-10 > Mt. Magazine

Join me and Yoga 501's Learning Institute 200 Hr Teacher Trainees for a Namaste Getaway.  $99 for retreat and Hurry to reserve a cabin, room in the lodge, or a campsite to join us for the weekend packed of self discovery.

Weekend Warrior Line-Up

Friday, June 8  6:00-8:00  

Find Your Inner Warrior Flow with Jamie Roberts 


Sound Bath 

Saturday, June 9 

7:00-8:30 Sunrise Yoga 

10:00 Journal from the Heart

This is designed to help you link journaling and yoga for the benefits of mediation and relaxation.  When practicing yoga, our minds can become busy and hard to focus.  Journaling is meant to help clear the mind by allowing us a place to put those though and move away from busy mind and body to a more restful, peaceful, and balanced state of being.
Bring your favorite journal and pen to put our thoughts down and stop the spinning of the mind.
11:00 Condition Your Soul to Condition Your Body
1:00  Hike to the Highest Point of Arkansas
and Meditation
2:30 Nutrition, Essential Oils, and Supplements
4:00 Yin Yang Flow with some Restorative and Sound Bath
6:00 Group Potluck and Share Healthy Cooking Tips
8:00 Campfire Mediation and Chakra Cleanse

Sunday, June 10

7:00 Sunrise Yoga and Journaling
10:00 Take your Inner Warrior to your Daily Life Flow and Departing Ceremony
Schedule is subject to change as the weekend approaches to have the best yoga retreat possible.

3 Days of Mindful Eating

If you would like to partake in 3 days of Mindful Eating you will be encouraged and given advise on making appropriate eating choices.  Eating a healthful diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains you will be able to detoxify your system 100% of the time.


Everyone will be responsible for their own food supplies and snacks but keep in mind to eat Whole Foods, nothing that comes in a package or wrapper.  We will be sharing recipes on how to make your own protein bars, easy snacks, etc.


If you have a challenging time packing healthy foods, I will be posting recipes and list.  Keep in mind also, this is just a few hours of your life and you don't need a lot of food.  This is a time for self discovery and learning how to focus the mind.


On Saturday evening we will have a potluck, you can bring anything you feel serves your body to the fullest.  Guest Teachers and Trainees will be preparing a buffet style meal for everyone.


You will be encouraged to drink lots of water during the weekend.  Please make sure to bring a water bottle for convenience and of course your yoga mat. 

Can't Make it for the Whole Weekend??

Just come up for the day on Saturday, it's $75 for day of yoga

To Purchase Your Ticket for The Weekend:

just go to the Mindbody Schedule and Scroll to June 8 for the full weekend or June 9 for a Saturday Drop In. 
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